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Video : Arnab Goswami Ripps Apart Pak & Jihad Sympathizer’s Rajdeep & Barkha Without Naming Them

On the Occasion of Vijay Diwas (When the Kargil War Ended), when our Proud Indian Military Kicked off Pakistani Military and Terrorists out of Kargil and Drass Sector and Won Back all the points including the toughest Tiger Hill, Arnab Goswami took on So called Liberal and actually terrorist and pakistan Sympathizer #Presstitutes and literally tore them apart.

He had the guts to call Spade a Spade. He directly called them Pakistani Sympathizers, He called them JNU Afzal Premi Gang. He called them working in India having Indian Passport on a Pakistani Agenda. He just did not name them but Nation Already knows.

He clearly reffered that on Vijay Diwas, this professional pakistani Gang of Barkha and Rajdeep is so silent. They will only mourn on terrorists and anti nationals and will never respect and salute Military and nation, where they live in.

Kudos Arnab for your Great Words. Great that you exposed these terrorists with Pen.

Here is the Full Video :

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