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Trace Mobile Number with Owner Name – Location/Address in India online

India has millions of mobile phone users, Standing as Second Largest Telecommunication system. Mobile phones has become essential that no work is done without using it. It has become a part of our life and it helps us to do our work more fastly but it has some negative side also. Some or the other time, You may have experienced Missed calls, Prank calls, wrong calls, messages from unknown Mobile numbers, most probably for girls is really headache. But no worry! Here is a Solution with us. Here we will show you, how to trace owner name, location and operator with their Mobile number.

Mobile Number

Here are some Methods on how to Trace Owner Name and Location of the person :

Method 1: Mobile Telephone Numbering In India

  • Here, you can know the Location and Operator of the Number which you want to trace.
  • Here in this we can see a Long list of Mobile Numbers with there Locations and Operators, to check the List : Click Here
  • Simply All you need is to just find the first four digits of the Mobile Number.
  • Then You can know the Location and Operator.
  • This process is very time consuming, bit confusing and not much accurate.

Method 2 : Trace mobile number by Online – Location and Operator

Mobile Number

  • To know the Location and Operator details of the number – Click Here.
  • Enter the mobile number and Trace.
  • There is no need to adding +91 or 0 before the number

Method 3 : True Caller – Trace Name using Mobile Number

Mobile Number

True Caller is a Mobile app which is world’s largest verified Mobile phone community through which you can easily Know the owner’s name and Location. 

  • Go to True caller official website.
  • Select the country and Give your mobile number you want trace.
  • The third step is Click on the search button and You need to Login through any of the Social networking Sites.
  • Within seconds, you will able to see the details of the Unknown person.

This App is available for all major Platforms, you can download it from below :

If you don’t have any smartphone, you can also Trace the Mobile Number details using Official True caller website.

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