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Top 5 Best Android Apps to Create Your Own Avatar

Android Avatar apps are used to interact with friends online by creating avatar images in their profiles. You can use avatars instead of your real images. Various apps can be used to perform this activity on your system and smartphones. The users can take their profile pic and modify that by creating a cartoony representation. Here are some best android apps through which users can create their own animated Avatar images.

Top 5 Best Android Apps to Create Your Own Avatar

How to Create Your Own Avatar :

Avatar Maker

The Avatar Maker is the best android app for creating animated depiction of your own. Different elements such as facial features, eyes, hair, etc. can be altered. You can even add accessories like scarves, hats, lenses, etc. You can change the dressing vogue, design by giving a unique look for your avatar. After creating your avatar, you can save those pictures to your Android device or share them to the public through social networking sites. This app is available for free, but a premium version can be purchased for $2.50.


FaceQ is the funniest android app that helps you create your own gorgeous image. There are numerous avatars that show different emotions such as sadness, happiness, anger. You can add accessories and colourful backgrounds. After editing your avatar, you can save it by clicking the save button present at the top of the screen. On tapping that button it creates a .PNG file that can be imported into any other site of your choice. FaceQ is absolutely free that lets you create an imaginary world.


Androidify is a unique app that creates avatars depending on the character and colour of the costumes that the user selects. Avatars can be customized specially by using different footwear, accessories and dresses and even their size can be modified. Now, the charming avatars can be animated and saved as GIF file.

Wee Mee

Wee Mee is another app that provides more than 270 items for creating animated avatars on your smartphones. There is a default avatar gallery from which you can edit avatars in your desired style and save them at any point of time. The avatars can be set as contact images and wallpapers. It also provides High Definition (HD) picture quality that can be shared with your friends in Facebook, Twitter and many more.


Bitstrips has released Bitmoji, an android app used to create a comic avatar that can express itself. The avatar can be shared in various social websites. It makes your avatar look more impressive by providing various tools and by giving wide range of emotions. In order to access Bitmoji, you need to create an account, but you need not have to use a Facebook account.

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