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Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2017 | Google Tricks, Anti Gravity

Google Gravity | Anti Gravity Google | Google Zero Gravity : Google has lots of Cool Entertaining stuff for its users and Google Gravity Trick is one of them. Google always presents a Range of tricks to confuse or Amaze others with which you can surprise your friends and family. However Google gravity trick has many names, some of them call it as Google gravity, few call it as Google no gravity, Google zero gravity, Google 0 gravity and lots of them. In order to use these pranks, you just need to stay connected to the internet and use a working browser. Here is the Top 10 Best Google Gravity Tricks where Zero 0 Gravity is the Best.

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10 best google gravity tricks which will amaze you :

1. Google Guitar

Google Guitar is a prank. Using this, you can play guitar on your Google Search engine’s homepage and Surprise your friends and Relatives.

It’s simple. Click This link for Google Guitar : Google Guitar

Google Gravity

2. Google Sphere

This is yet another project created by the same team, who created Google Gravity. This trick allows you to play with the screen options. This is a quite similar to Google Gravity, the entire screen of Google starts moving around and form the shape of a sphere. Google Sphere images search and trying this trick could make your screen really looks cool with this effect.

Click here for Google Sphere : Google Sphere

Google Gravity

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3. Google Zero Gravity Flat fall

Here, Doing this, you will see that Google falls down flat to the surface of your screen. The trick really surprises and applies with the concept of gravity. However, you can use all the features of Google. Click here for Google zero Gravity flat fall Google Zero Gravity Flat fall  

Google Gravity


4. Do a Barrell

In this trick, your screen will make a 360o turn. To try this trick users need to visit and type “do a barrel roll” in the search bar and then you can see, Your screen will start rotating by forming a circle.

Google Gravity

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5. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is the coolest trick of the Google Zero Gravity. This trick would make the entire area of the Google search page filled with zero. To try this trick :

  • Open and search Zerg Rush in the search bar
  • The search results would appear and you would see zeros falling from above.Google Gravity

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6. Google Zero Gravity Inversion

This is the coolest trick by the Google, Google Zero Gravity makes you feel that you are on the other side of the screen. It will invert all the things including images also.

Click here for Google Zero Gravity Inversion

Google Gravity

7. Google Underwater

Using this prank would change the background of Google and project the page with an underwater scene.

click here for  Google Underwater

Google Gravity

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8. Google Tilt

This prank can actually make the Page appear in a tilted position. Just go to and search “tilt” in the search area.


Google Gravity


9. Weenie Google 

This trick would show the search in a very small size.

Click here for Winnie Google

Google Gravity

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10. Google Rainbow

Click here to enter in to Google Rainbow

Google Gravity

Honourable mentions:

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