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Tirumala Laddu Trays to get Barcode

Following the complaints from devotees regarding the lesser weight, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is keen on introducing the barcoding of the laddu trays to ensure ‘prasadam’ is of prescribed weight.

Tirumala Laddu Trays to get Barcode

TTD Executive Officer D Sambasiva Rao informs barcodes would be assigned to the laddu trays prior to the shifting from temple kitchen to the sale counters.

Inspite of producing as many as 3 lakh laddus per day to meet the growing demand, TTD faced criticism that the laddus sold at the counters are less than the prescribed weight of 180 gm. Most of the laddus either weigh 120 gm or 160 gm each. At one point, TTD even set up digital weighing machines at the counters asking them to file a complaint if the found the weight was less. However, This didn’t yield any desired results.

A DSP rank officer was appointed by TTD to take care of production of laddus and sale. Barcoding to Laddu Trays will expose the people behind tampering – Kitchen Staff or Sales Staff? Even CCTV cameras will be set up at the counters to avoid any malpractice.

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