Surabhi – Memories Of Pride And Pain | Chai Bisket | Drama

When was the last time you saw a magical visual treat live with your eyes? Don’t remember? Surabhi Natya Mandali creates that magical experiences for the audience on every Saturday and Sunday in Nampally Public Garden, Hyderabad for rupees 30, irrespective of their living conditions and struggles. Surabhi Natya Mandali is run by a single family of 65 members working hard to keep the drama alive and they have been doing it for 132 years. They aren’t seeking for your sympathy or apathy, but all they need is some encouragement to prolong their history of pride and pain.

Link to their website – You can donate them for their effort which would give a small of hope of not letting the art form or drama die in vain.

Narration –
Dr. Padma Sri Rekandar Nageswar Rao

Directed by Abhimanyu
Shot by Varshan Raj
Edited by Kodati Pavan Kalyan

Music (Thanks for individual artists who uploaded music for free)

(The music used in this video is under creative common license)

Aadaraya Nisa – Rukmani Devi
Under Attribution license from


Hyson – All Who are weary


Kai Engel – Mercy

Blue Dot Sessions – Invernen

Blue Dot Sessions – Cicle Ariel

Morning Walk – Lee Rosevere

All Will See – Hyson

Blue Dot Sessions – Paper Feather
Publisher –

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