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VIDEO : Story of all the Social Media Freak ( ODF )

Story of all the Social Media Freak : Ever since the invent of Facebook, everything has changed. People and their behavior, the definition of friendship, Liking & Loving, Trolls – Damn everything. Once there was Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder, but thanks to social media, a new disorder has been created.

We have Apps & Social Media Platforms for doing almost anything and obviously to stalk as well. ?

For Jobs – LinkedIn

For putting across opinion – Blogs & Tweets (Twitter)

For everything gibberish and stalking – Facebook

For showing off your followers – Instagram

For ignoring people and creating group plans – Whatsapp

This is just a few numbers, there are definitely more social media platforms where we are hooked on 24*7. Just like the way you are addicted to Desire Trees ? If you have a friend who pops up some random Facebook Quotes while talking, beware he is indeed a patient of OSMD -Obsessive Social Media Disorder. If you have one of this kinda friend you will so badly relate with this Old Delhi Films video.

Story of all the Social Media Freak ( ODF ) :

watch here…

So, Did you relate with this, or names of any friend popped up? Share this with your friends who are suffering from OSMD. Get well soon.

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