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He Is The Richest Beggar in India

Surveys conducted to figure out ‘Richest Man in the World’ & ‘Richest Indian’ no more a sensation any more. Time has finally arrived to throw the focus light on the ‘Richest Beggar in India’.

He Is The Richest Beggar in India

Post a 2-year long survey by Dr.Rafiuddin, ‘Brahat Jain’ who would usually beg at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal and Azad Maidan in Mumbai was declared as the Richest Beggar in the country. He earns anywhere between 2,000 to 2,500 per day for an 8-10 hour shift and his monthly income of Rs 75,000 is more than the average salary of CMs in India.

Brahat Jain owns a Single Bedroom Apartment, worth Rs 80 lakhs, where his entire family including father, brother, wife and two sons studying Class X & Class XII live.

He also owns a shop which he rented out for Rs 10,000 per month. Upon knowing about the story of Mr.Jain, People will surely think for a second to offer money to a beggar as they now realise the one who begs mayn’t necessarily be a poor guy.

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