Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi Story Leaked Just Hours After Its Censorship

Maharshi Story Leaked : The story of Mahesh Babu’s 25th film Maharshi has been apparently leaked just a couple of hrs after its censorship. Based on the reports, the first half has an usual story, but the second half has a fantastic story with a message to society.

Maharshi is slated for globally launch on 9th May. Its promotions have created a great deal of interest about the story of the film, which has been created and directed by Vamshi Paidipally. A number of plotlines have been doing rounds on the social media sites for quite time now. But the makers have neither accepted any of them neither revealed it on their own. This privacy has increased the hopes of the movie.

Maharshi Story

The authorities of the censor board enjoyed Maharshi at a special screening hung on 3rd May and granted a U/A certification to the movie with no cut or mute. Hrs after the censorship, a Twitter handle called @JhambalH leaked the full story of the film and it seems the real plot-line of the movie.

As Maharshi starts, Mahesh Babu is viewed as a big businessman in the United States and Meenakshi is his assistant. In an Interview, a USA reporter asks Mahesh about his roots and Mahesh goes on to tell his flashback story. He sees all the issues encountered by the farmers, but he is the very least troubled about them. All he desires in life is to earn money and get richer, according to the leaked articles.

Naresh is son of farmer and he welcomes Mahesh to his village for vacations. Naresh’s family remains in problem with village heads and Mahesh defend them as a friend. His family commits suicide after Mahesh left the village. Mahesh attempts to calm Naresh. But Naresh lets him know that this holds true of all farmers and demands him to help by remaining in village.

But Mahesh does not concur and claims he does not care to remain also after getting job in India. He leaves the nation for the United States. After telling his flashback story in the meeting, Mahesh calls Pooja Hegde, who remains in India and inquires about Naresh. She exposes that Naresh was killed. Mahesh relaizes his mistake and pertains to india. Exactly how he attempts to help the villagers and farmers makes its story of the second half.

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  • Never I seen this type of movie maheshbabu anna you r totally different really as my brother I felt love you brother come up in life up u take family movie also it will be very super brother

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