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Hrithik Roshan Arnab Goswami Full Interview Video | Hrithik ● Kangana

Hrithik Roshan – Arnab Goswami Full Interview : Hrithik Roshan speaks his heart out on Republic. This is hrithik’s first interview after huge Hrithik Kangana controversy. Kangana has been blaming hrithik for almost 3 years. check below Hrithik Roshan Arnab Goswami full interview.

Hrithik said, well first of all, I just want to say that I am NOT a victim as you just said I know it’s a word that went with that sentence but I I don’t consider myself a victim I don’t think anything that can happen in my life will make me think that way about myself I just want to clear that up first.

I know and I’ve always known that whatever I say can and will be used against me because maybe because of who I am I don’t know and I have to be honest that I am very very uncomfortable right now. I am NOT a person who likes to confront I’m not a confrontation confrontational person.

I’ve never had a single fight in my life. neither with a man or with a girl. even in my divorce there was no fight. I asked myself a simple question every single time what’s the shortest route to peace, I get my answer and I follow.

I also know that there is absolutely no grace in what I’m doing right now. there is no grace in sitting here and testifying for my character and making myself sound right and good and true and by implication making somebody else be wrong. I don’t think that’s graceful.

I was also very very afraid I have been afraid I’ve been afraid that my words would be misconstrued if if I come across as strong they might turn me as aggressive. if I might show some emotion they might turn me as weak. if I may sound vulnerable they’ll say oh maybe he’s looking for sympathy. the list goes on…

It has been very confusing it’s been a dilemma in my head but you know if I’m walking down the street and and a person abuses me the dig the dignified stronger thing to do is to keep walking. he doesn’t affect my life but if that person starts hurtling stones into my home and affects the well-being of me and my family then that silence is no longer strength that silence then becomes weakness and it’s been for years I think I’ve I’ve had enough.

Hrithik Arnab Full Interview :

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Hrithik Roshan Arnab Goswami Interview :

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