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Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name | Big Boss winner prize money amount

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name | Big Boss Winner Prize Money (amount) | Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Winner Name : Who is the Winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2017 ? Bigg Boss telugu season 1 reality show was broadcast on Star MAA with a big buzz from July 16, 2017. Statistics and information resources say that audience are totally dissatisfied with the choice of the season 1 participants but in some way some are satisfying by saying Celebs will not have that lots of flexible days for 70 days. To be honest, Star MAA tried their best by contacting more than 100 participants and finalized 14 of them.

Nonetheless, The Buzz developed with the welcome episode has been decreased in the first week because of expectations on participants. Although, NTR Rocked during weekends with his overall show and made it as the reality show with Top TRP (I times wrote that star MAA had a TRP of 16.8 and stood at the top place). check below bigg boss telugu winner name and who won the bigg boss telugu season 1.

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name 2017 Season 1

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner Name

Weekly, among the participants are going to be eliminated from the show on the basis of the performance during the last week which will be made a decision by the ballots sent out by the audiences.

For the last week of bigg boss telugu 5 participants has been nominated for Final title fight. Archana, Adarsh, Shiva Balaji, Navdeep and Hari Teja opted for public ballot. Some of the most remarkable names that ar the a part of Bigg Boss Telugu consist of Shiva Balaji, Navadeep, Hariteja, Adarsh. Watch Bigg Boss Telugu All Episodes

If we see the history of the Bigg Boss show, it is quite apparent that the winners were the ones who were not only proactively associated with different tasks, nevertheless they in addition won the hearts of their fellow housemates along with the audiences out there.

Big Boss Winner Prize Money Amount – 50 LAKHS

Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

1. Hari Teja – Eliminated.
2. Aadarsh – First Runner Up.
3. Navadeep – Eliminated.
4. Shiva Balaji – Won the title of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1.
5. Archana – Eliminated.

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We can continue providing you with numerous updates relating to the show as it will progress. Bigg Boss Telugu winner section will also be upgraded for you here when the winner will be declared.

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