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Agnyaathavaasi First Look Posters Images Hd Teaser Trailer Download

PSPK25’s Agnyaathavaasi (Agnyathavasi) 2018 Telugu Movie First Look Posters Images, Full HD Teaser and Trailer Download free and watch online : Power star Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas revealed the title of PSPK25 and released the first look of the movie Agnyathavasi (Agnyaathavaasi) from a boat in Varanasi today.

It was currently revealed that Pawan Kalyan would reveal the title of PSPK25 and its first look on Monday. But the power star surprised every person today by presenting the Twitter account of his production house Pawan Kalyan Creative Works. The web page was made back in January 2011 and the star wrote the comment on Sunday evening. This had fuelled a number of speculations about the movie.

Agnyaathavaasi First Look Poster

pspk25 Agnyathavasi first look posters images hd

Agnyaathavaasi First Look Poster

Pawan Kalyan wrote on the Twitter account of PK Creative Works on Sunday: “My humble salute to the Pioneers of our Indian Cinema – “Sri Dada Saheb Phalke & Sri Raghupathi Venkaiah Naidu …”.

Later On, Pawan Kalyan took to his own Twitter handle and shared the link to the web page on his banner. He also wrote: “I would like to pay my respects & love to cinema which gave me your immense love & the strength to serve our society with this platform – @pkcreativeworks which is my brand-new twitter account dedicated to cinema.”.

The first look and title of Agnyathavasi were scheduled to be revealed at 10.00 am, but it got postponed by a hr. It was reported that the delay was because of the technical issues. Some movie lovers could not stop questioning the factor for the hold-up in the launch of its poster.

PSPK25’s Agnyaathavaasi First Look Poster

Agnyathavasi first look posters images hd

Agnyaathavaasi First Look Posters

But it became clear when Pawan Kalyan uploaded couple of pictures including him with Trivikram Srinivas launching the first look of Agnyathavasi from a boat in Varanasi. Launching the first look, he wrote: “From the “Holy Ghats of Varanasi” below comes “Agnyaathavaasi”.”.

Agnathavasi is made with the tagline ‘Prince in Exile.’ The title and tagline have created a great deal of interest about the movie, which is scheduled for Sankranti launch. The first look has excited the followers and it has gone viral on social networking sites.

Agnyaathavaasi OFFICIAL Teaser :

Agnyaathavaasi OFFICIAL Trailer :

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